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Meet Christofer, the youngest yogi at our center– 6 years old, with the discipline in meditation and Hatha Yoga of an adult!

More photos of our little yogi here!


Mother Nature was kind enough to give us another hot day this past Sunday, so we took advantage of it to do yet another free activity in the park! It looks like National Yoga Month isn’t ready to quit just yet!

Click here to see more photos from the event…

This past Friday, September 30th, saw our last free, outdoors yoga activity for the community. We gathered on the grass in the park and, for a full hour in pleasant Fall weather, enjoyed a great Hatha Yoga Class open to everyone.

We tried a few balance exercises…

And used the power of teamwork to maximize our stretches.

Afterward, we all took a trip to Cafe Viva (a vegetarian pizza restaurant in the upper west side) to enjoy a healthy end to a fantastic day. We can’t wait for next year’s National Yoga Month– it can only get better!