Even with how much vegetarianism has expanded over the years, the myth still exists that vegetarians can never achieve a balanced diet because they are somehow missing the nutrients found in meat or dairy. Yet, it has been proven time and time again that a vegan/vegetarian diet is much healthier than one including animal products: as long as a person eats the recommended amounts from the different food groups and makes healthy choices, he or she can achieve a successfully balanced regimen without missing any key nutrients. There is, in fact, a wide variety of vegan products to substitute meat and dairy, which can provide us with the same protein and calcium.

In our Center, everyone has the opportunity to try (and learn how to make) many delicious, healthy, and vegan dishes.

“According to Dr. T. Colin Campbell, nutritional researcher at Cornell University and director of the largest epidemiological study in history, ‘The vast majority of all cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and other forms of degenerative illness can be prevented simply by adopting a plant-based diet.’ The American Heart Association reports that vegetarians ‘have a lower risk of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, and some forms of cancer.’
Scientists have found that vegans have stronger immune systems than meat-eaters do; this means they are less susceptible to everyday illnesses like the flu.”
— “Eating for Life,” Go Vegetarian / Go Vegan!

Remember: the only thing you’re going to miss if you decide to become vegan is the cholesterol and saturated fat, because you won’t find that in a plant-based diet!

The following are photos of some of our own amazing vegan recipes: